Predictions for 2021

Republicans will embrace the term "job creationists"

Democrats will seek to bar the term "job creationists" from all government institutions

People will continue to lower their approval ratings of politicians

Newscasters will continue to lie to us more then politicians

Politicians will be outraged at newscasters for a new high in irony

Things will not get worse, (jinx) (double jinx) (triple jinx) (quadruplies ... damn)

You will bookmark this website (hint)

Johnny Depp will announce an interest in politics dressed as the mad hatter and will still be taken seriously.

G.W. Bush Jr. will come out of his hole, take a look around and disappear for another 4 years.

Time magazine will feature the death of the cable TV, and proclaim that "you" made it happen.

Jon Stewart will be given the "Will Rogers Humanitarian" award and in a panic inappropriately make a dick joke.

It's going to be a wild year!

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