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Q: I have a guy staring at me all the time in class, what should I do?

A:  I think that you should quit teaching?

Q:  I love you, signed bigboobybitch

A:  I love you too

I'll give a brillant yet sarcastic answer

Q: Hi, Is it always desirable for a man to hold open the door for a female? Alias: Dabbler.

A: Doesn't matter if male or female - hold the door.

Q: I'm a women and I want to know in which circumstances I have to pay the bill, thank you for answering ... amel from france

A: If you ask the guy out then you should assume that you're paying.  Otherwise, you need to have that made clear in advance.

Thanks for making my day, YOU ROCK

Q: I am seriously concerned with the current crumpling cultural climate

A: Nice alliteration, thanks for the effort. I think we should follow the money; who is making money from this debacle. I suspect it is partly the "for profit" news outlets that were dying saw their profits rise with our current cultural catastrophe.  As long as lies sell, someone will be selling them. If something doesn't pass the smell test move on.

Q: If I am seeing the heat wave, should I be wave back? (I Am very exciting to be writing you,)

A: I am very excited to meet you too! You have reaffirmed my belief in gifted life. You have single-handedly taken away any doubt that the human race will triumph and rise to the level it can reach. You have in a moment of jovial wit have reminded me to look both ways before crossing the street.

Can money buy you happiness

Q: Why is the word Dictionary in the Dictionary? signed, Lee

A: Obviously to confuse you... Why is psychoanalysis so riddled with flaws?  Why didn't Freud get it all right? Because, Freudian psychoanalysis is based on intuition and case studies rather than science.  Only when the principles of science were applied to understand abnormal human behavior was there empirical knowledge created.  And while Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar I would argue that Plato was right and that the perfect dictionary does exist and all other dictionaries are just approximations of that perfect cigar (or was that dictionary, I got lost..)  So in conclusion let me say that Dictionary sounds like a dirty word and should be banned!

Q: Do I keep the wedding ring if we break up? Signed, Desperate to know

A: Wedding rings get returned.

I'll let them down easy

Q: What is the remedy for gas? signed, detectit

A: Solar energy, if someone has gas they should go out in the sun and let it rip. 

I choked big time

Q: I really like this guy but how do I get him to ask me out without being to forward? signed, jus do'it

A: There is only one way and that is to be yourself, if for some reason that's not an option then I don't think that asking this guy out is the problem.  In the argument of which is more important "form or function" I will always side with function. However, form is important in the sense that we can tell a persons sense of self-worth and how they see their placement in society by how they dress and comport themselves.  So to increase the odds of getting what we would like we can treat "form as a function" and work on presenting ourselves as best we can with the tools we have at hand. And not just outward appearance, inner beauty is just as important. Getting someone is not as important as keeping them, and that is a function of your character. So how do we polish our personalities? According to the humanists, we can grow and improve during our entire lifespan.  Just as the act of smiling can improve our outlook, the act of being nicer (not naive) will make us a nicer person. Thanks for the question.

Q: How do you tell your in-laws you don't want to see them again? signed, Bummed out in Montana.

A: Show them the divorce decree... When your thinking about marrying someone you need to check out the potential in-laws because you're going to be related to these people. And unless your spouse doesn't want to see them your stuck. The upside is that these are the people that will help bail you out of jail, baby sit, and watch your pet when your on vacation. And I believe that you sound like your ready for a long vacation.

Q: Don't you think it should be against the law to wear light-colored spandex pants if you are more than 10% over your ideal body weight? How can people look in the mirror and go, "Yeah, I look good in these."?????

A: I think that everyone should "Mind Their Own Business." If you got your nose up someone's butt the world is going to stink.

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