Insults - Within a playful context the right insult can be both humorous and liberating and if the recipient laughs - you got it right.

The only gracious way to accept an insult is to ignore it; if you can't ignore it, top it; if you can't top it, laugh at it; if you can't laugh at it, it's probably deserved.  J. Russel Lynes

Bollocks - ( meaning "testicles") is often used figuratively in British English, as a noun to mean "nonsense", or as an expletive following a minor accident or misfortune, or to mean "poor quality" or "useless".

Diss - treat, mention, or speak to rudely.

Bugger - jerk.

Cheeky - just short of rude.

Abase - Where the furnace is located.

Well aren't we just 2 scoops of grumpy in a bowl full of bitchy this morning

Your family tree must be a cactus, because everyone in it is a prick.

Girlfriend: "Am I pretty or ugly?"
Boyfriend: "You're both."
Girlfriend: "What do you mean?"
Boyfriend: "You're pretty ugly."

How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?

You have a face for podcasts.

Sorry that offended you, I didn't think you'd get it.

Sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I've said about you.

I love your eyebrows ... they remind me of Chewbacca.

A wife asked her husband, "What do you like most in me, my pretty face or my sexy body?" He looked at her from head to toe and replied, "I like your sense of humor!"

I'm not calling you a slut, I'm calling you a penny: two faced, worthless, and in everyone's pants.

If you were a little bit more intelligent you'd still be stupid.

I don't mind that you are talking, so long as you don't mind that I'm not listening.

I'd hate to see you go, but I'd love to watch you leave.

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