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Webmaster - Robin Hack

Director - Helen Hunt - if you need anything go to Helen Hunt

Manager of Architecture - Ricky T. Bridge

Proof Reader - Erin Spelling

Ratings Analysis Specialist - Rita Menweip

Regional Director, Atlanta - Frank Lee Scarlett

Chauffeur - Picov Andropov

Sales Director - Aziz Nowarranty

Seat Tester - Mike Easter

Secretary of Pain Relief - Les Aspirin

Secretary of continuity - Haseen Allbright

Secretary of Photographic Reproduction - Fresh Prince

Self Esteem Coach - Mia Culpa

Senior Citizen Driving Instructor - Tonya Blinkeroff

Sexual Harassment Intervention Counselor - Pat McCann

Shop Foreman - Luke Bizzy

Singing Urologist - Urethra Franklin

Entertainment coordinator - Kerry Oki

Speech Pathologist - Peter Aftermey

Spiritual Counselor - Miss Dolly Lama

Archivist - Bernadette File

Activities Coordinator - Dewey Hafta

Acupuncturist - O. Howard Hertz

Advisor - Sue E. Cyde

Bikini Waxer - Harry Mouval

Bombay Division manager - Mahatma Coat

Bouncer - Euripedes Ibrakauface

Car Expert - Leslie Stahl

Cardiologist - Angie O'Plasty

Cat Feeder - Ken Opener

Chaperone - Theresa Crowd

Chaplain - Neil Down

Child Seat - Tester Drew Lee Weiner

Chiropractor - Winston Paine

Cooks - Al Dente, Sal Monella

Copy Editor - Adeline Moore

Dietician - Norma Lee Chowen

Disciplinarian - Les Stern

Dramatist - Anton Chokeov

Gastroenterologist - Dr. Louis Stuhls

Geneticist - Dr. Jean Poole

Gossip Columnist - Bud Inski

Grief Counselor - Ariel Bummerman

Mediator - Sue First

Meteorologist - Gail Storm

Morticians Barry L. Plotz, Sven Didigo

Nutritionist - Arlene Menu

Oral Historian - Studds Tercel

Physicist - Moe Mentum

Psychologist - Les Moody

Snowplow Driver - Frasier Tushov

Urologist - Willa Catheter

Statistician - Marge Innovera

Insurance agents - Dewey, Cheetham and Howe C.F.I. Care

Surgeon General C. Everett Koop DeVille

Swing Dance Consultant - Antonia Band-Era

Tax Consultant - Lou Pole

Response Specialist - Teresa Noboddihoum

Personal Hygienists - Haseen Better

Personal Matchmaker - Robin D'Craydell

Chief editor - Ralph Oliver

Town Criers - Nina Clark and Alice Well

Transportation Coordinator - Rick Shaw

Travel Agent - Lois Faire

Advertising = Bill M. Dry

Staff Snowplow Driver - Frasier Tushov

Bouncer = Ura Tool

Secretary of education = E. Gore

Games = Mort and Fay Tality

Personal Trainer = Wayne Less

Graphics = Hugh I. Mage

Technology = Rex N. Moore

Accounting = Skinner & Cheatum

Story line = Cliff Hanger

Music = Dee Flat

Human Resources = Ms. Take

Sales = Bigum Hunter

Physician = Ben Dover

Humorist - Ida putsh

Air-Quality Monitor - Carmine Dioxide

Airline Reservation Manager - Will Price Randomly

Appeals Specialist - Bud Uronner

Appointment Secretary - Stu Earley

Art Critic - Phyllis Steen

Assertiveness Training Coach - Lois Steem

Assistant Customer Care Representative - Kurt Reply

Directors of Computer Services - Sy Burnett and Sy Quest

Assistant Director of Moral Support - Hugo Gurll

Assistant Director of Strategic Planning - Kent C. Detrees

Assistant Disciplinarian - Joaquin D'Planque

Asst. Fleet Manager - Lisa Carr

Asst. Transportation Coordinator - Orson Buggy

Attorney General - Janet Torino

Audience Estimator - Adam lion

Bidding estimator - Rusty Steele

Automotive Medical Researcher - Dr. Denton Fender

Automotive Registrar - Megan Model

Bail Bond Provider - Freida Gogh

Behavior Consultant - Wyatt B. Hoovesia

Bathroom Tile Installer - Lotta Bullnose

Bolt Tightener - Tilda Plierslip

British Cutlery Specialist - Sir Irving Spoon

British Doorman - Isaiah Olchap

Boston Funeral Director - Hadley Newham

Boston Traffic Director - Laura Biden

Bunji Jumping Instructor - Hugo First

Broadcast Philosopher - Phillip Airtime

Bouncer - Euripedes Ibreakayourface

Ice Rink Manager - Sam Boney

Opera Critic - Barbara Seville

Chairman, Staff Physics Dept. - Victor Analysis

Chief Negotiator - Bernadette Bridge

Chief of Seating - Wayne Back

Music Coach - Yessir Itsaflat

Child Transportation Specialist - Minnie Van Driver

Co-Chairmen of Apathy Study Group - Ben Thayer, Don Thatt

Commencement Speaker - Gladys Overwith

Communications Director - George Stayontopothis

Copyright Attorney - Pat Pending

Corporate Spokesperson - Hugh Lyon Sack

Credit Counselor - Max Stout

Criminal Justice Expert - Lauren Order

Defense Dept. Consultant - Major Error

Dental Hygienist - Ginger Vitis

Dermatologist for Teenagers - Don Pickett

Director of Catering - Russell Upsumgrub

Director of Clandestine Meetings - Ron DesVue

Director of Computer Diagnostics - Gus O'Genn

Director of Funding - Fred Knott

Director of Country Music - Stan Beyerman

Director of Deep Sea Research - Marianna Trench

Director of Delicate Electronics Repair - Anita Hammer

Director of Desert Food Supplies - Sandy Berger

Director of Gender Studies - Amanda B. Reckondwyth

Director of Traffic Enforcement - Noah U. Turna

Director of Lubrication - Olive Presser

Director of Luxury Car Horns - Toney Blare

Director of Long-Range Strategic Planning - Kay Sera

Director of Nutritional Supplements Rose Hips

Director of Pavlovian Research - Isabelle Ringing

Director of Pedestrian Operations - Carless Castenada

Director of Photography - Len Scapon

Director of Pollution Control - Maury Missions

Director of Purchasing - Lois Bidder

Director of Sports Information - Linus Scrimmage

Director of Staff Pay Increases - Xavier Breath

Director of Sycophantic Activities - Eileen Yorwa

Director of Warm-Weather Programming - Sumner Reruns

Divorce Attorney - Carmine Nottyors

Electronics Technician - Sammy Conductor

Elocution Coach - Dick Shun

Physician - Henrietta Badclam

Spin Doctor - Justin Hale

Evasive Driving Instructor - Vera Bruptly

Fashion Consultant - Natalie Attired

Fashion Improvement Coach - Noah Vale

Financial Forecaster - Lou Gubrious

Fleet Manager - Oscar de la Rental

French Child Care Coordinator - Gerard Diaperdoo

Graduation Coordinators - Val and Dick Torian

Grammar Consultant - I.M. Shirley Wright

Threat Assessor - Ewen Whadarmy

Grounds manager - Moe D'Lawn

Head of Personal Security - C. Howie Run

Head of Security - Barb Dwyer

Help Coordinator - Kara Lott

Hospitality Director - Doris Shutt

Jazz Music Coordinator - Bertha Deblues

Return department supervisor - Noah Comprenday

Libel Defense Director - Sosumi Areti

Liaison to the British Isles - Isaiah Oldchap

Lottery coordinator - Bjorne Toulouse

Lighting Expert - Shanda Lear

Literary Critics - Ernest & Julio Hemingway

Lottery Ticket Coordinator - Jason Rainbows

Capital Depreciation Fund manager - Les Ismore

Manager of Employee Refrigerator - Carmen Dating

Marriage Counselor - Marion Haste

Swedish Attorney - Bjorn Liar

Nutrition Consultants - Eaton Wright and Liven Good

Overseer of Florida Voting Practices - Emmanuel Recount

Parking Attendant - Rick O'Shea

Pedestrian Advocate - Jay Walker

Personal Trainer - Jim Shortz

Photographer - F. Stop Fitzgerald

Poet Laureate - Robert Defrost

Prayer Coach - Denise Hurt

Producer's Office - Furnished by Rick Kleiner

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