Single Panel Comics

Travel tips that should be ignored

Stay safe

I would absolutely die for a Twinkie

I'd give it all for a Twinkie


Look both way before crossing the street but not up and down

Look both ways

The best diet ever

The best diet

I was Elvis

Elvis Lives

And I was like the Goddess that I am

Like Wow

Now this is art

Art in the eye of the beholder

Do you want a trick or treat

Happy Halloween

 Love is here and I promise to bring you every dead thing I find.

A cats lament

I am never condescending, that when people talk down to you


I see that they put the rodeo clown in  charge of  the rodeo

Not my first rodeo

One word

Three please

Empty hands means you forgot what trick or treat means

More then just a threat

Depp vs Amber had no winners
Jonny and Amber

I love this painting

Selfie love

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